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Mountain top by night


Ascended in the night of the highest and most famous mountains of Abruzzo

A series of ascents in the night of the the highest and most famous mountains of Abruzzo.

The night hikes offer some advantages: the cool of the night that doesn't oppresses the path, the greater stability of the weather, the magic and the mystery of moving in the dark with only the small aid of the torches, the deep peace of the world asleep around us. Reach the top after some hours walking in the night brings communion to the mountains with the man.

Once at the destination, we will wait the dawn to see with Abruzzo to our feet.

Mountain summit in the night
Mont Meta summit in Abruzzo




-domenica17 June MONTE META (PN, Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise) >>

-Saturday, July 7, CIMA SCALONE (PN, Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise) >>

-Sunday, July 29, MONTE CAMICIA (PN Gran Sasso-Laga) >>

-Sunday, August 26, MONTE ACQUAVIVA (PN Majella) >>


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MoonMeta Mountain by nightOn the summit of Mount MetaMoon light
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